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Green Wall

100% Sustainable

0% Ordinary

Green is good for many things. Good for the soul, good for the indoor environment and good for your health. A green wall is the optimal way to ensure the working environment, well-being and health fit extremely well into modern architecture, which is often characterised by steel, concrete and glass.

Natural Greenwalls improve the indoor environment with increased humidity, reduces noice, creates a soothing organic environment and reduces stress and sick leave.


Clean & Waterproof

Easy to setup

Environmentally safe 

The drip irrigation system means 100% control of the watering, avoids drying out the top plants and waters the lower ones. There is a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot. The built-in water reservoir means that the plants only need to be watered about every three weeks. If the water level goes over the edge of the
water reservoir, the water is drained through a grate to the pipe that connects all the pots.

Any surplus water from one plant does not flow to other plants on the wall. This prevents the spread of any diseases and avoids over-watering. The irrigation method makes the system very reliable and ensures optimal growth conditions
for the plants, no matter where in the green wall they are located.

All the benefits of Natural Greenwalls

  • 5 years guarantee
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sustainable materials – made in Denmark
  • Lowest consumption of water and fertilizer
  • Sound absorbing
  • No need for irrigation system or water tank for walls under 25 sqm
  • Available in all sizes from 1 to over 200 sqm
  • Developed, produced and patented in Denmark
  • Positive impact on the indoor climate
  • Thoroughly tested, proven and without problems for the rest of the building

3 types of Natural Greenwalls

All Natural Greenwalls are flexible, clean and free from algae.

Under 25 m2




Our highly flexible and unique system for plant walls under 25 m2 makes it possible for you to enjoy a Natural Greenwall everywhere.

It is not necessary to install an electronic irrigation system or a water tank with a noisy pump. We water the green wall from a mobile water tank every third week. You will only experience a nice green plant wall completed with a frame – like a painting.

Above 25 m2




Our modular system for plant walls over 25 mis highly scalable and has already been used to create Natural Greenwalls above 200 m2.

It is 100% waterproof and uses so little water, that the plants can stay alive for up to three weeks with the supply already available in the pots in case of e.g. power outages. Natural Greenwalls is a patented, simple and proven technology.

Mobile walls




A partition wall of plants!
If you need a green solution to the age old problem of too much noise and clutter in the office, this is definitely the way to go.

By going green, you get visual and audial serenity in one package. A mobile Natural Greenwall is compact, as it is watered by a mobile water tank, and can be moved around to suit your needs in the moment. Simple, Clean and Mobile.

The green wall installation process

pflanzenwände, plantevæg, grüne wand, plantevægge

We mount formwork for fastening the back wall.

Vandfast bagvæg

Setting up the back wall in the form of waterproof sheets.

Natural Greenwalls® rails are mounted, drip hoses are inserted and finished with fittings.

pflanzenwände, plantevæg, plantevægge

The drip irrigation system is tested.

bundbakke, plantevæg, green wall

The selected plants come already planted in Natural Greenwalls® pots.

opsøtning, plantevæg, montering, green wall

Natural Greenwalls ® pots click into the rails.

The finished Natural Greenwalls® plant wall – here it’s completed with a graphite aluminium frame.

The technical data of our green wall


Plant wall size:
Natural Greenwalls are delivered to the customers specifications. We deliver walls from under 2 m2 to above hundreds of m2.

Number of plants:
Natural Greenwalls are delivered with 30 plants per m2.

Plant wall depth:
The finished system is 21,5 cm deep.

Growth medium:
The plants are planted in pumice (lava stone).

Environmentally friendly material:
Our pots are constructed in reusable polypropylen plastic.

Maximal weight of the system per m2 is 50 kg (incl. back wall, the Natural Greenwalls system, plants, growth medium and water).


Design and choice of plants is agreed upon individually as per the customer’s specification.

Selection of plant types:
40 types of plants to choose from.

Frames are supplied in white painted aluminum as standard.
Other colors and materials can be supplied as per the wishes of the customer.

The pots can be supplied in either green or black colour.

Scope of Delivery


Back wall

Natural Greenwalls rails

Natural Greenwalls pots

Drip hoses and fittings

Irrigation sytstem

Growth medium pumice (lawa stone)


Aluminum frame


Irrigation technique:
The irrigation technology enables fully automatic supply of water and fertilizer.

Natural Greenwalls use closed irrigation systems. The drip irrigation hoses deliver water directly to the growth medium, thereby preventing evaporation of large quantities of water.

Smaller walls without automated irrigation technique are watered and fertilized using a mobile irrigation tank at gardener’s service visits.

Control unit:
Simple control panel (display) Instruction Manual included.

Technology cabinet measuring H / W / D – 60/50/25 cm.

The irrigation system can be connected to an external monitoring system.

We recommend an installation of LED lighting, min. 800 LUX.