Green solution

Natural eye-catcher

Decorative plant columns

Manufactured from 1 to 18 meters in height

Free standing and hanging

The Natural Greenwalls system was developed in 2013 for the establishment of indoor plant walls. Since then the system has been used for several new products such as mobile plant walls, partitions, fixtures in shelving systems and plant columns.

Plant columns may for example be hung in a corner, as a decoration in the center of a space or they can be used for dividing spaces. The possibilities are many as the plant columns are manufactured in the length you want.

The plants columns can be made from 1 meter to 18 meters in the height.

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plantesøjler, plantesøjle

Illustration of plant columns

We design an individual solution tailored to your wishes

The technical data


Plant column size:
Natural Greenwalls plant columns can be delivered from 1 meter to 18 meters in height.

Number of plants:
Natural Greenwalls plant columns are delivered with 15 plants per meter.

Diameter of the plant column:
The plant column has a diameter of 40 cm.

Growth medium:
The plants can be planted in pumice (lava stone) or potting soil.

Environmentally friendly material:
Our pots are constructed in reusable polypropylen plastic.

The maksimum weight of the plant column is 30 kg. per meter (including plants, growth medium and water).


Length and choice of plants is agreed upon individually accordingly to the customer’s wishes.

Selection of plant types:
40 types of plants to choose from.

The pots can be supplied in either green or black colour.


Natural Greenwalls plant column

Drip hoses and fittings

Pumice (lava stone) or potting soil



Irrigation technique:
Plants columns are watered and fertilized using a mobile irrigation tank at gardener’s service visits.

Natural Greenwalls use closed irrigation systems. The drip irrigation hoses deliver water directly to the growth medium.

We recommend an installation of LED lighting, min. 800 LUX.