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Visualization of your green project

Take a picture and send it to us. Then we will show you for free what it will look like with our products.

Our skilled graphic designers are happy to help you visualize your ideas. Send us a good picture of where you think our product could fit in, and we will make a free visualization for you. See requirements and examples further down the page.
(The offer only applies to businesses)

Visualization of green products

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine what it will look like with one of our green solutions. That is why we offer companies and other businesses to make free visualizations of their projects. All it takes is that you send us a good picture, and then our skilled graphic designers will photoshop our solutions.

We can do it with green walls, moss walls, moss products, mobile green walls, plant columns, teakwall and water walls.

See examples of visualizations below.

plantevæg, kontor, planter på kontor,

- or a free visit?

A visualization can be a good way to see an idea in practice, but of course we also always like to come by you and look at your location, hear about your needs and tell about our possibilities.

Green walls

With 30 plants per square meter in our green walls, you can really see and feel the difference. In addition to decorating and looking nice, green and lush, a green wall will also help to improve the indoor climate. Click on the image and see how we can visualize a green wall for you.

Our green walls are made in Denmark from sustainable materials and recycled plastic. Read more about our green walls here

Click on the image →

Moss wall

Hand-picked moss from Scandinavian and Northern European forests – with respect for the nature. We can make all shapes, creative ideas and with logos. It is only the imagination that sets the limits. Click on the image and see a visualization.

Our moss walls are also:

  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable and allergy-friendly
  • With the option of three different types of moss and 15 different colors
  • Noise absorbing (Tested according to ISO 11654: 1997)
  • Without maintenance

← Click on the image

Moss circles

Moss circles can be made in all sizes, and they are great both alone or in interaction with others.

We have our G-Circles, which were designed by a French artist, and we also make moss circles with a nice wooden frame around.

See a few examples by clicking on the image here.

Click on the image →

Plant columns

If you have high ceilings, then plant columns are a completely unique and beautiful opportunity to create a green plant column down through the room.

The plant columns can either hang from the ceiling or stand on the ground. They can be made up to 18 meters.

Click on the image and see a visualization of what it might look like.

← Click on the image

Requirements for visualization

We are happy to help companies and businesses to make a visualization of their new green wall or product from us. However, we allow ourselves to make some demands on the images we are to receive. The better the quality, the better we can also make the visualization for you.

Therefore, we will be happy if you do the following:

  1. If you take the picture with your mobile phone, please take the picture “horizontally” (lengthwise).
  2. Make sure there is some “air” around the wall so we can see the whole wall and some environment around (as shown in the examples above)
  3. Hold the camera / phone completely still so that the image is not shaken

Next, you can just fill out the form below and upload the image.

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Presentations are only made for business

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