The workplace of the future

Jydsk Planteservice

“The workplace of the future” – that was the goal when Jydsk Planteservice had to redesign their showroom. Therefore we made our entire sortiment available: Green wall, moss wall, plant column, mobile green wall and TeakWall.

The workplace of the future must be green, creative and environmentally friendly, and that means green solutions like our products. That’s why we’re excited to be allowed to be part of their showroom.

Jydsk Planteservice is Denmark’s largest supplier of indoor plant solutions and distributor of Natural Greenwall’s solutions. They have more than 4,500 current customers spread throughout Denmark, where they service their plants every three weeks.

They have branches in both Aarhus, Kolding and Køge. We have previously helped set up the departments in Aarhus and Kolding, and thus now also in Køge, where this showroom is located.

It is always possible to get a tour and see the products up close. Contact us to book an appointment.


Showroom of green solutions


Jydsk Planteservice

Ådalen 14, 4600 Køge

Decorating the workplace of the future


In collaboration with Jydsk Planteservice


Plant showroom in Køge

You are always welcome to take a tour in the workplace of the future – in Køge, Aarhus or Kolding, where we, together with Jydsk Planteservice, have arranged their showrooms. There you will have the opportunity to see our moss walls, green walls, TeakWalls, mobile green walls, G-line products, plant columns and water walls. We have a wide range of green solutions, which are of course all sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with us. We will always give you a tour of one of our showrooms or at one of our current customers. Of course, it is completely free and non-binding.