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The biggest building fair in Belgium just finished. New trends and ideas were presented, and one of our products were represented. KVIK had moss from Greenmood with as a part of their exhibition – and the result speaks for it self.

When the biggest construction companies meet, the latest trends are presented and ideas and inspiration are exchanged. That was also what happened this week in Belgium at the bulding fair “Batibouw”. One of the new ideas was brought by KVIK. They want nature to be apart of their kitchens and therefore we helped them with a solution.

We took a trip to the French forest, where we have hand picked Ball Moss of the highest quality. The moss is grown sustainably and gives a natural aesthetic sense of being among nature. Together with KVIK we found a solution where the moss became a naturally integrated part of their kitchen exhibition. The exhibition shows that there are many unique possibilities if you want nature in your home.

Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable

The pictures speak for themselves. It’s a different and unique way of thinking about kitchens that speaks well into a social trend about naturalness and sustainability. The moss is environmentally friendly and can be tailored to the surroundings. In addition, the moss requires no maintenance and it works perfectly as a natural noise absorbing element. KVIK was very pleased with the result, which they called “really good”.

We are very happy and proud to be a part of KVIK’s thoughts about the trendy and future kitchen. If you, like KVIK, think that a moss wall can be something for you or your company, please contact us.