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Vejle is one of 100 cities in the world, that are committed to develop and share solutions to some of the biggest problems the world is facing. We have made a green solution to illustrate exactly that.

Rome, New York, London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Vejle. Six very different cities with one thing in common. They are all working towards making the world a more cohesive, robust and sustainable society capable of addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

In Vejle are they working on unique and green solutions with the rest of the world from their headquarters, Resilience House. That of course required a unique and green work of art.

The solution was a green wall made on Moss from Natural Greenwalls with a motif of the world, where the 100 “Resilience Cities” in the world are marked with a small flag. The green wall hangs at the reception, just behind the receptionist Anne Mette Bjørn Nielsen, and it attracts people, she says:

“It’s really nice, and it’s a really good place where it really attracts people. People are very positive and curious when they see it and it is always a conversation topic when there are meetings in the house. ”

”Perfect with something unusual and green”

The moss is made of so-called “Reindeer Moss”. It is hand picked in northern European forests, and it is a completely natural and 100% biodegradable product. The color of the product does not contain harmful, toxic or unhealthy substances and does not lose color over time. Reindeer moss is available in 17 different colors, with different motifs, logos and solutions.

The moss’ naturalness and sustainability made the outcome of the choice of “artwork” because it fits perfectly with the values represented by Vejle and Resillience House:

“We are a recycling house, and therefore it is important that everything we have in the house is in line with what we represent. Therefore, the green wall fits perfectly because it is an unusual and green solution that illustrates something natural and sustainable. ”

In the gallery below you can see more pictures by browsing the album.