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Plant company will make Swedish companies even greener

Hässelby Blommor is a 4th generation plant company and has over 100 years of experience with plants for business. A new nationwide agreement between Hässelby Blommor and Danish Natural Greenwalls will make Swedish companies even greener by welcoming nature inside with sustainable plant walls.

Indoor plants are popular like never before. They are decorative, air-purifying and improve the indoor climate. This has led many private individuals to invite nature inside. But Swedish companies also want plants – they want a lot of plants. But while the space on the floor is cramped, there is better space on the walls and in the ceiling.

Therefore, Swedish Hässelby Blommor, which is Sweden’s leading supplier of plant design solutions to companies, has entered into a nationwide agreement on plant walls and plant columns with the Danish company Natural Greenwalls.

“Head of Garden” at Hässelby Blommor, and responsible for the installation of plant walls, Magnus Lingberg says about the collaboration:

“There are many reasons why we have chosen Natural Greenwalls, but the word “Easy” sums it up quite well. It is easy to install, service, and easy to adjust large and small walls. But most importantly: It’s easy for our customers. Natural Greenwalls’ plant walls can be set up without any installations at all. There is no need for access to direct water, drains or any electrical installations. It’s just a beautiful wall full of plants.”

Plant walls at Google, MAERSK, and H&M

Natural Greenwalls sells plant walls and plant columns in 14 different countries from Australia to Finland, and their plant walls grow at customers such as Google, MAERSK, and H&M. However, also at nursing homes and educational institutions. Common for all their clients is that they want a better indoor climate, and here Natural Greenwalls can help, thanks to the many plants per square meter.

Natural Greenwalls’ plant walls are made from recycled materials, it is 100% produced in Denmark and the plants need minimal water and fertilizer thanks to an irrigation system. Natural Greenwalls are not only green on the outside, but also on the inside.

In addition, Natural Greenwalls’ plant walls have a great effect on the indoor climate. With 30 plants per square meter, the plants manage to clean the air significantly, while improving the acoustics, decorating the company, and ultimately reducing the number of sick days with the employees, because of the improved indoor climate.

Therefore, Hässelby Blommor has now chosen to enter into a nationwide agreement with Natural Greenwalls, which will bring even more plants and plant walls inside Swedish companies. For the benefit of the company, the employees, and the environment.

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