Green Solution House is the name, the place is Rønne on Bornholm, Denmark – and the ambitions to create a functional exhibition window for sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions also include a 55 m2 living wall from Natural Greenwalls. Architecture with innovation and sustainability are key components for the entire project.

The beautiful, green and vibrant wall is planted with ferns. They fit nicely into the surrounding nature of Bornholm and the plants must also be able to thrive in an unheated room. And not least the wall is part of an ambitious architectural whole.

The materials for the house are chosen based on strict, well-defined requirements – among other certifications, environmental labels, opportunities for recycling, social responsibility, use of resources, material health and energy.

Before Natural Greenwalls was selected as a participant in the project, questionnaires were completed and documentation obtained. The program included considerations about recyclability, energy consumption etc.

We are proud that we were chosen as one of the collaborators in this distinguished and reputable hotel and conference center,” says director and developer of the plant wall Ulrich Grønning. “And of course, we are pleased that our efforts in the development of the product and our hopes for the prospects extends well into the future. The Green Solution House is indeed a living example of this”, says Grønning.

Green Solution received the European Business Award for the Environment in 2016.


Green Solution House


Green Solution House, Hotel and Conference Center

What We Did

Guidance, Implementation & Maintenance

Size of the natural green wall

55 m2


An exhibition of environmentally friendly solutions

Guidance and Execution in one package

The finished project was inaugurated in April 2015 by Crown Prince Frederik after long-term careful planning, building and interior work. The framework of the project is the former Hotel Ryttergården which has been totally renovated to match modern day sustainable rules.