New Psychiatric Hospital in Aabenraa is an innovative construction in Region of Southern Denmark’s plan for new buildings and refurbishments. There is great focus on social sustainability in the buildings. For new constructions, Region of South Denmark also focuses on low-energy and environmentally friendly solutions, which ensures efficient building operation and at the same time is a benefit to the environment.

At the new Psychiatric Hospital, nature plays an important role both inside and out. Patients and staff are close to nature – not least in the passageway at the cafe, where Natural Greenwalls has established a 65 m2 plant wall.

The plant wall is a conscious choice that supports the project’s focus on sustainability. The green wall contributes to a healing, soothing and stimulating environment. In addition to the positive sensory inputs, the plant wall also improves the acoustics and air quality in the empty corridor area.

Natural Greenwalls is very proud that we have contributed to a motivating green experience for the benefit of patients, relatives and staff at the new Psychiatric Hospital in Aabenraa.


New Psychiatric Department at Aabenraa Hospital, Denmark



What We Did

Guidance, Implementation & Maintenance

Size of the natural green wall

65 m2

Healing architecture

Involvement of nature, color and light stimulates treatment

Closeness to nature

Socially sustainable buildings focuses on the relationship that exists between the physical environment and the social environment – eg. one would like to add items that have a positive effect on people behavior. Today designers and architects focus on how the choice of materials appeals to  the good emotions and provokes new acts.