As a landmark in the landscape between E45 and northern Aarhus Krifa’s beautiful headquarters is located on a hill. At the main entrance on the ground floor you are met by a triple high room with a beautiful green plant wall from Natural Greenwalls. The green living wall helps provide good acoustics and humidity and it elegantly filters sunlight in the building.

Krifa has chosen a solution with a living plant wall because they want something organic that can help stabilize the humidity in the indoor environment. It has also been crucial that the plant wall is nice to look at. The choice fell on Natural Greenwalls largely because the system is simple, safe and service-friendly.




Krifa Byg

What We Did

Guidance, Implementation & Maintenance

Size of the natural green wall

122 m2

Modern human workplace

Beautiful and functional office

Environmental responsibility

Krifa house is a unique, visible and modern headquarters building in Aarhus, which was completed in 2012. The appraisal for the building described that a modern, human workplace was wanted where efficiency and work go hand in hand.