The purpose of the new HF & VUC Fyn is to give students a whole new experience of school and education – a new learning environment where the academic and the social interact.

Furnishings and decor are made in the extension of the architecture so that it supports differentiation and varied teaching methods – to give students the best possible environment for learning. The expression is Nordic, bright and inviting in an inspiring way.

On the top floor, attached to the large atrium, a beautiful oasis is decorated where students can meet in quiet and relaxing surroundings with opportunity for contemplation. Here, three small plant walls from Natural Greenwalls are installed. Because of the small size of the plant walls they are irrigated with a mobile water tank so it has not been necessary to establish any kind of electronics. This space is an excellent example of the subtle and effective integration of green features in the middle of a modern teaching environment and building design.

In Natural Greenwalls we are pleased that we have been able to contribute to this beautiful construction.


HF & VUC Fyn


HF & VUC Fyn

What We Did

Guidance, Implementation & Maintenance

Size of the natural green wall

3 walls of 3,5 m2 each

Focus on learning

Modern teaching environment for individual learning needs

A new experience – a new environment

HF & VUC in Odense came together at one address and one roof in the summer of 2014, when about 1,200 students could move into a beautiful new teaching building. The building is an inspiring and vibrant example of a school building, showing new ways to provide space for individual learning needs.