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19 Scandinavian participants increased their knowledge of Natural Greenwalls

On April 21st 2016 we had a visit from 8 Scandinavian companies that are established providers of indoor landscaping. A total of 19 representatives from 8 different companies took part in the event. The participants had in common that they wanted to increase their knowledge of Natural Greenwalls and professional green walls for businesses.

Some had knowledge about our plant walls in advance and they had already installed plant walls of one or more customers. Others had decided to offer plant walls from Natural Greenwalls, but they would like to have greater knowledge of the product before they should install their first plant wall. Finally, some of the participants had not decided whether they would deal with plant walls or not, but they were open to the possibility.

The program of the day included a brief introduction to Natural Greenwalls, a review of the system and information about the market for green walls and the benefits of plant walls.

Subsequently, the participants were instructed in the installation methods of the Natural Greenwalls system. The installation process was reviewed and presented in practice of Natural Greenwalls own plant wall technicians.

All the participants also mounted a small plant wall. They had a “hands-on experience” and went through the entire installation process, from measuring and calculating system needs to the finished plant wall was ready.

The training was a mixture of theory, mounting your own plant wall and dialogue which worked really well. Everyone was very committed and showed great “go-do attitude”, regardless of whether they should measure, saw, screw or plant!

After lunch we went on an excursion to the Psychiatric Hospital in Aabenraa where we looked at the 65 m2 large plant wall set over 2 floors. In the basement we inspected the irrigation system that controls the watering and fertilizing of the plants. You may read more about the project at the hospital here.

At the end of the day there was broad consensus that the Natural Greenwalls system is a good and thought-through product that the participants want to work with. A few opinions:

  • The system is practical and easy to install
  • With Natural Greenwalls there is no risk of water damage
  • Simple, neat and well thought plant wall system

Furthermore all participants expressed great satisfaction with the day’s event.

  • Enthusiastic and inspiring Natural Greenwalls Team
  • The event was a good mix of theory, practice and discussion
  • Cosy and well-planned event

Based on the positive feedback we will certainly organize a follow-up event for the Scandinavian markets and we will arrange Trainings Days for selected markets in the future.

Many thanks to all the participants from the 8 Scandinavian companies that are now certified Natural Greenwalls dealers.

  • AB Kjell Hagmann
  • Blomsterfröjd Indredningar AB
  • ISS Planteservice
  • Levande interiör Sverige AB
  • Tropisk Design AS
  • Växt & Miljödesign i Gävle
  • Växtlaget Sverige AB
  • Växtvårdarna Grön Interiör AB