Have a green break while shopping

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Shopping is often something that you are trying to get over with – but not at the danish shoppingcenter, bytorvHORSENS. Here you have the time and room for contemplation and to take a green break – and now with a obvious photo opportunity

Many associate shopping and shopping centers with endless shops and being cut off from reality, clean air and nature. But that is not the case at bytorvHORSENS. They contacted Natural Greenwalls because they wanted something unique, different and bring a part of nature inside, so the customers would have a chance at a different and green break. The solution became a 10 square meters moss wall with lots of photo potential.

Photo opportunity for social media

The moss wall is both decorative and unique. It is a different work of art that stands out and brings color and nature inside the shopping center. Therefore, the moss wall has also served as a great photo opportunity for the visitors of the center, which can be seen on Instagram

Why pick a moss wall?

It applies to both public places and offices: Loud noises are disturbing and destructive for a good experience. Therefor sound absorption is important and one of the best tools avaliable is a moss wall. There are different types of moss, and Ball Moss, which hangs at bytorvHORSENS, are the best type for this particular task.

100% natural and sustainable

The Ball Moss used at bytorvHORSENS is handpicked in the French forests in consideration to nature and is picked sustainably. That means that the moss is 100% natural and of the best quality. Moss is preserved using natural glycation and food color.

In addition it does not require any maintenance, water, clipping or sunlight. It is of course not in any way poisonous or attracting insects.

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