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The creative designers of tomorrow are educated at KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. That commits. Therefore, KEA wanted a plant wall to their school. But the first plant system they chose did not work – so the came to us instead.

When you take on the task of educating the designers and creative minds of the future, you need surroundings that can accommodate this. Therefore, KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, wanted a plant wall to get some green and inspiring interior. But the first system they chose never worked very well, and therefore they contacted us instead.

Not the cheapest but clearly the best

Astrid Asmussen is Architect MAA at KEA, and responsible for the plant wall project:

“The first plant wall system we chose never worked properly. The lighting was bad and the results were not as we would like it to be. I was employed after we had the first plant wall, and I didn’t like it. So I examined the market for other plant wall system, and I found Natural Greenwalls. Natural Greenwalls is not the cheapest system, but it is clearly the nicest and best of the many systems, I have seen. The system itself is beautiful, the plants grow well together and I am especially fond of the entire hidden watering system.”

Very popular among KEA students

The former walls of the other system were piled down, and replaced with two new plant walls from Natural Greenwalls. When the two new walls were all set, KEA decided to get another three walls, so it turned into five walls in total. And the result has been very nice and well received by the students, says Astrid Asmussen.

“We really like it alot. It has brought a lot of life to the place, and we’ve had a very good response to it. We have many students who take photos in front of the wall. It is for example our design students, who take pictures of their clothes with the plant wall as a background. The green walls fit perfectly with their fashion images and are very inspiring. The plant walls have been very popular.”

Here is a small selection of the many pictures on Instagram:

Yeps. I even walk like a diva. 💃🏼

Et opslag delt af Marcela Cierkosz (@marcelacierkosz) den


Et opslag delt af Becky Padgett (@beckypadgettx) den

Need the same help as KEA?

Our plant wall system is patented and unique from the other plant wall systems available on the market. The system is entirely waterproof, meaning no water spills on the floor. The pots are separated in a way that minimizes the spread of diseases and reduces maintainance fees.

It is also environmentally friendly, and are made of recycled plastic and can be reused again.

At Natural Greenwalls we are well awate that we are not the cheapest system on the market – initially at least. In the end our system is not only better than other systems, but also cheaper, because it lasts for many years and it has been tested, comes with warranty and we offer service arrangements.

Hos Natural Greenwalls er vi udmærket godt klar over, at vi ikke er det billigste plantevægssystem på markedet – i første omgang i hvert fald. For i længden er vores system ikke kun bedre, men også billigere, fordi det holder i mange år, og det er gennemtestet, vi har garanti og tilbyder serviceaftaler. På den måde kan du sove roligt om natten og ikke bekymre dig om ekstra udgifter.

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