How does the art of the future look?

G-Line, fremtidens kunstværker, art of the future
Nature and art at the workplace enhances the work morale and quality. We have combined both with our bid on the art of the future. Read more:

A lot of companies are fighting to attract the best employees. Usually that means attracting with exciting assignments and great colleagues, but now there is another level to compete on: most inspiring workplace. When trying to win this level, a lot of companies have started to look at how to bring nature and art into the workplace – and luckily we have a solution for that.

Natural artwork

The famous french designer Alain Gilles has designed the art of the future. He came up with the idea of G-Line, and made it with Green Mood products. A product line that is not only beautiful, elegant and modern, but also have a lot of qualities that match perfectly with officies and companies. All G-Line products come with various types of moss, and they have a lot of benefits: They are sound absorbing, and as all other nature that you bring into a room, it has a relaxing effect and improves both the physical and mental health.

Art without compromise

The beautiful G-Line products come with frames in the highest quality. You can choose between natural cork, aluminium or steel frames, all developed in a high quality ideal for sophisticated corporate environments.

Why choose moss solutions?

Our moss from GreenMood is handpicked in european forrest. It is grown sustainably and with respect for the nature. It also has a lot of benefits:

  • Noise absorbing
  • Beautiful and unique
  • Can be tailored to the surroundings
  • It requires no maintenance
  • It’s 100% natural.

G-Circles, G-Dividers and G-Screens – art of the future

The G-Line series have three categories: G-Circles, G-Dividers and G-Screens. You can see pictures and read more here:


The G-Screen is a circular moss-covered panel, that is attached to a free-standing metal framework. You can choose to place it just about anywhere and you can even fix it to the ceiling. Choose between different moss types, sizes and colors.


The G-Dividers are designed to act perfectly as space dividers and they are ideal for large interior spaces such as open-plan offices, reception areas, conference rooms and event halls. Choose between different moss types and colors.


G-Circles can be installed in different combinations and you can chose between three sizes and different types of moss.

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